Available right nowfor the iPad is My Weekly Journal and Scrapbook app for the iPad for just $1.99 USD. Click the icon at the left for more information and screen shots.

PLEASE NOTE: This app is NOT designed to function as a journal for your iPad. The journaling process takes place with pen, a journal book, and various art supplies for creating a scrapbook. This app is designed to only provide some meaningful weekly ideas for journaling. Please read the description in its entirety.

Developed by a former U.S. Army psychologist and current university professor, this application is designed to guide you through the process of journaling about an experience and take it to different levels throughout each week and then create at least one page in a scrapbook that mirrors your reflections for that week. This app can be used as a "self-help" application by anyone or it can be a useful tool for mental health professionals in working with clients.

Unlike other journaling guides which focus on a separate topic each and every day, My Weekly Journal and Scrapbook focuses on one topic per week. We feel that “depth” is far more important to the process than is a large number of individual topics.

The application is complete with a journal example that covers one week, as well as a scrapbook example that reflects the thoughts and feelings of the example week. We encourage you to NOT impose upon yourself a “regimen” that makes this process unpleasant. That is, you don’t have to journal all seven days. Make this journey fit your unique “personal” needs and maintain its meaningfulness as a result. This process is designed to represent your various memories in words (journaling) as well as visual images (scrapbooking).

This is a journey that can help people process and imprint memories at a deeper and perhaps a more meaningful level. Therefore, this process takes place with pen, a journal book, and various art supplies and NOT within the application itself.

Click the video below for a demo of our jornaling app. You can choose to watch in HD once the video begins.

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