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The APA Style tutorial application is designed to teach the user the basics of the APA writing format as found in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, Sixth Edition. It was developed by Dr. Dora Clarke-Pine in conjunction with Psi Media Publishers. Dr. Clarke-Pine has over 16 year of university teaching experience at the graduate level and is a published researcher.

The APA tutorial application differs significantly from other APA applications in that the app TEACHES the user the fundamentals of the APA format. Other iOS apps and computer programs are designed to input reference or other information and then they will then output an APA formatted reference page, citations, or page setup. The problem is that these programs often do not work. An additional problems arises in that the user, by relying on the computer program or iOS app, has no knowledge base to draw from in order to determine if the computer or iOS device has provided accurate output.

Application Content
Learning to write using the APA style is easy if you know how. Towards that end, the APA Style 101tutorial was built with over 45 minutes of video instruction that addresses the following in detail:

Setting the correct margins
Setting the correct Headers
Setting up and writing the Title Page
How to write a correct Abstract
Dealing with multiple level Heading
The correct use of Paraphrases
The correct use of Quotes
How to cite Multiple Authors
How to write a good Summary
How to cite Book References
How to cite Journal References
Summary & Concluding Thoughts

Bonus Section: Grammar and Syntax
Learning APA style is only half of the work in writing an killer worthy term paper, thesis, or dissertation. The important part of the formal writing process is grammar and syntax. You would be very surprised at the mistakes made by students, even at the graduate and doctoral levels. To help the user avoid the most common mistakes made when writing a formal paper, this APA tutorial includes a bonus section with close to 20 minutes of video instruction covering the following 7 topics:

The proper use of Commas (Believe it or not, people actually misuse commas!)
The proper use of Semi-colons
Understanding Noun/Pronoun Agreement
The general Flow of the paper
The proper use of Abbreviations
Understanding Parallel Construction
General Organization tips


Below are two clips from the APA Style tutorial. The first clip goes over the changes made to how 1st, 2nd, and 3rd level heading are used in the sixth edition of the APA publication manual. The second clip covers the correct use of commas. Please note that the video quality is much better on the iPhone and iPad that it is on Youtube because of conflicting format issues. We recommend watching the videos in the 720 HD setting.

Here is the video that pertains to multiple level headings when using the sixth edition of the APA publication manual.


Here is the video that deals with commas. Don't laugh. Students can and do misuse commas.



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